You grew up in a small village on the outskirts of the Taragon Empire. You, along with your friends, have lead a fairly sheltered life in your little village.

This all changes one day when storm clouds blacken the sun and the earth begins to shake violently. This subsides quickly, and you and your friends soon return to what you were doing, if somewhat shaken up and puzzled. That night, as you lay asleep, you are contacted through your dreams by the man who you thought was just an old blind hermit that lived up in the hills. He reveals that he is actually the Seer of Visions, and that you must come to meet him at dawn the next day.

As you set out to climb the hills in the hours before dawn, you are joined by your friends, who reveal that they have each had a similar dream in the night. When you all get up to the Seer’s cave, he invites you in and begins by telling you the story of the Dawn of Time.

Keeper Of The Seven Keys