Dawn of Time

In the beginning, when time began, the dimensions of Heaven, Earth, and Hell were created. Satan, dissatisfied with Hell, decided to invade Earth in an attempt to conquer all of the dimensions. Heaven and Earth rallied against Satan, and the conflict that ensued came to be known as the War of Dimensions (or the War Against Evil, as it is known in Heaven).

The War was long and brutal, and the dimension of Earth was almost destroyed. In the end, the combined forces of Heaven and Earth were able to overcome the armies of Satan. However, Satan was not beaten yet. Before he could be sealed back in Hell, he expended the last of his energy to seal Heaven off from Earth. Then, he reached down, and with each of his seven fingers, rent a hole in the fabric of Earth. These seven holes came to be known as The Seven Seas.

Unable to call upon help from Heaven, the peoples of Earth gathered their seven most powerful spellcasters in an attempt to seal the Seas. This proved too great a task, and each of the spellcaster’s souls were fractured into pieces. One piece from each of the seven was bound to a separate Sea; the other piece became bound to an item of power. These items were lost in the chaos that erupted after the failure to seal the Seas.

Only with all seven of these objects can one reunite the spellcasters souls and lock up the Seven Seas.

Dawn of Time

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